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New technologies have made it possible to reach a large number of people all around the world. In real estate, the 'traditional' tools (photo, brochures, panels in the agency …) cohabit now with many innovative solutions (virtual visits, home-staging, 3D, social networks …) thus widening the possibilities.

At Vives Immobilier, we are proud to make these tools available to our clients so as to best meet their requirements. Our objectives are to create a connection and emotion, to facilitate the sharing of information in order to accelerate the sale or the rental of your property.

In constant progession, these are the main tools we use :


Equipped with wide-angle lense reflex cameras our real estate agents take photos very seriously. As the saying goes : 'There is no second chance to make a good first impression'.

Writing and translating announcements

The writer, Jean-Paul Sartre said : 'Words drink up our thoughts even before we have had the time to think them.' While it is necessary to be clear when explaining the characteristics of a property, it is also indispensable that the emotions and sensations triggered by the property be described as well. Our real estate agents endeavour to communicate those emotions in ther their real estate announcements.

To help reach foreign clients, the English language has become the reference language. There is nothing better than a text which has been translated by a native speaker to keep the sensations produced by the original text. By trusting your property exclusively to Vives Immobilier, you can be sure that your announcement is translated by a professional.

Panels in the agency

'As old as the world itself', this remains an effective method. Our teams make sure that our windows are constantly updated and renewed to keep clients informed of latest offers.

Advertising on many national and international platforms.

To have effective real estate announcements also involves selecting the platforms (Seloger, Le bon coin, French Property …) we use. Our experience allows us to evaluate the type, quantity and quality of readership on most of these platforms. Entrusting your property to Vives Immobiler is making sure that you are in the right place at the right time to multiply the number of genuine contacts.

Email alerts

The email alert is the best way to keep informed in real time of new properties on the marked and the lowering of prices on our website.

Creating an email alert

The newsletter

Since 2016 we have proposed our monthly newsletter. Its contents vary from one month to another. It contains information about the real estate world to keep you informed of the latest news. If you opt for the Exclusive Pack or the Premium Pack, your property will be included in one of our newsletters sent out each month to several thousand potential buyers and tenants.

Registering for our newletter

Social networks

Social networks are a reactive effective way to keep in contact with our clientele (questions, comments …) but it is much more than that. We use social networks to share our latest offers, our most recent virtual visits or to communicate important information about real estate.

See our Facebook page

The quarterly brochure

Every three months, we publish a brochure containing some of the properties on offer by our real estate agencies. These brochures are deposited in more than 15 000 letterboxes as well as in the major local shopping areas.

360° virtual visit

The 360° video is what was missing in real estate. Contrary to still photos, the 360°virtual visit offers total immersion into the heart of the property. Using the mouse on your computer you can now wander virtually through the rooms to get a better feel of them. This technology offers many advantages to the potential buyer and the property owner.

More about virtual visits

#Advantages for the potential buyer

This type of video makes it possible to enter right into a property to look at it in detail. The real estate agents's comments provide any missing information, and being able to visualise a 360° view of the property offers a dynamic interactive experience.

The advantages are simple:

  • More precise assessment of the property's characteristics,
  • Easier access for you alone, or with friends and family, to more comprehensive information with the possibility of virtually visiting the property as often as you want.
  • Saving time because you don't waste time physically visiting properties which do not correspond to what you are looking for.
  • It makes it easier and quicker to make your decision.

#Advantages for the property owner

There are also advantages for the owner :

  • More attractive presentation of the property compared to others which do not benefit from virtual visits,
  • Better referencing of the real estate advertisement on search engines as well as on specialised platforms such as “Se loger” and 'Le Bon Coin”,
  • Better quality visits

Video drone

The drone is becoming more and more common. Equipped with cameras it offers points of view which were difficult to obtain until now. Stable, smooth and dynamic, video drones are a real advantage for your property. Of course the effectiveness of this tool will depend on whether your property has an exterior or high ceilings. Do not hesitate to ask our agents for more information about this tool.

3D home-staging

Renovating your home without incurring major costs, or furbishing your apartment without moving from your home is now possible 3D home-staging uses photo-realism to help potential buyers project themselve in a property which needs a little attention. A real virtual makeover, this tool will help buyers fall in love with your property and therefore reduce selling time. Do not hesitate to ask our agents for more information about this tool.

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