Stages of the sale

In our region, we estimate that a property sale takes about 6 months. Depending on the geographical area, this can take more or less time. One thing is sure, some stages take a set amount of time and this cannot be changed. This is the case for the period between the signing of the preliminary sales contract( le compromis de vente) and the signing of the 'final' contract (l'acte 'définitif') which marks the effective sale of the property. Other stages may vary in how long they take.
It is during those stages that your choice of real estate agency is of utmost importance.
At Vives Immobilier, your real estate advisor will accompany you during the successive stages identified below, from estimating the value of your property to the signature of the final sales contract.

Stage 1 : Analysis and valuation of the property

The valuation of the property is the first stage in a process which will last several months.
It is essential not to neglect this stage. Its findings very often determine how long the sale will take.

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Stage 2 : Development of the strategy to show your property at its best

The objective is simple and straightforward : showing your block of flats, your house, your flat or your plot of land at its best will mean selling it at the best price and as quickly as possible.
Our agents have a wide range of tools to choose from, and will help you choose the most approriate for you.
From professional quality photographs to the organisation of virtual 360° visits, Vives Immobilier will know how to bring out what makes your property special and show it to potential buyers.

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Stage 3 : Choice and signature for the sales mandate

A sales mandate is simply a bilateral contract where you grant the real estate agency of your choice the right to sell your property.
If the choice of a 'simple mandate' allows you to propose your property through several real estate agencies, the choice of an exclusive mandate is often more relevant. Indeed, by entrusting the sale of your property exclusively to one agency means you can benefit from very effective premium services for free in order to facilitate and accelerate real estate transactions.

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Stage 4 : Organisation and management of visits

Once your property has been put up for sale, we use communication methods which are best adapted to contacting potential buyers, both from France and abroad.
The first contact with these potential buyers is over the telephone or by email, enabling us to assess their real interest in your property.
Once we have determined that the person is really interested, we carefully plan and carry out the visits. To keep yourself informed on how things are going, you can access the visit reports on our website. You agent will make regular update reports about your property.

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Stage 5 : Negotiations

After visiting your property, the potential buyer may make an offer to buy which will be submitted to you by your agent. In most cases, this offer will open the door to negotiations, generally about the price. It is your decision to accept or to refuse the offer from the buyer. During this strategic stage of the sale, your agent will be there to advise you to help you make the best decision.

Stage 6 : Signing the preliminary sales contract (Le compromis de vente)

Once the purchase offer is accepted, it is time to officialise the respective engagements of both parties with a contract. This shall take place at the notaire's office. (The 'notaire' is a notary public with the same responsibilities as a 'solicitor' in Anglo-Saxon transactions) The notaire shall draw up a 'compromis de vente' which is a preliminary agreement. It is binding for the vendor and the purchaser. They are respectively held to sell and buy the property according to the terms and conditions agreed to in the contract. Before signing, it is necessary to collect a certain number of compulsory documents, such as the real estate inspection findings (diagnostics immobiliers) in order to constitute a sales dossier. The preliminary contract will stipulate the suspensive clauses such as obtaining a loan or a building permit, or the sale of another property as the case may be. … If one of those suspensive clauses is not met, then the sales agreement will no longer apply, without incurring penalties for either party.
It shall also stipulate that the purchaser may make use of a 10-day cooling-off period starting from the date s/he receives the preliminary agreement (SRU Law : Law pertaining to solidarity and urban renewal).

Stage 7 : Signing the final contract (L'acte authentique)

So, now the moment has arrived ! After a three-month wait, the sale of your property is now official ; On 'D- Day', the transfer of ownership will be made official through a notarial deed commonly called 'definitive deed of sale' (acte de vente définitif). The notaire will hand over the keys to the buyer and transfer the funds from the sale to your bank account. The transfer of funds will be carried out in 21 hours in most cases. Of course your real estate agent will be present at this occasion which will mark the end of the sales process.
Before the signature of the acte authentique, your real estate agent will carry out a visit of the premises to check on the condition of the property and to read the meters.

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